Podiatry in the local area to our clinics

a. Podiatry is the area of healthcare that specializes in the maintenance and correction of foot and lower limb problems. Podiatrists are experts in recognizing and diagnosing the causes of discomfort and may study a patient’s posture, gait and footwear as part of their analysis. Often, pain in the feet can be a symptom of problems elsewhere in the body.

b. Mr Barlow-Kearsley will perform a basic biomechanical examination of the your feet and lower limb at your initial consultation.

c. Should you require a full gait analysis with the provision of bespoke orthotic devices then he will refer you to your nearest podiatric biomechanics service.

Sports injury

a. At TotalFootcareSolutions (TFS) we offer sports enthusiasts – professional and amateur management of their lower limb and foot ailments. We deal with many foot related sports injuries and related lower limb, back pain and knee injuries. Many foot problems and sports injuries are due to a change in the body’s biomechanics which may be gradual or sudden.

b. We offer expert advice on over the counter or bespoke orthotics, steroid injections and athletic footwear ranging from running shoes to general trainers.

c. TotalFootcareSolutions (TFS) work closely with the Physiotherapists and Sports medicine physicians at our clinics, Woking Nuffield and Healthshare Brentford.

d. Our added advantage is that we have access to the above mentioned clinicians within our clinic facilitaies when a consultation can be made at a mutually agreeable time.


a. Mr Barlow-Kearsley will perform a preliminary biomechanical assessment, which assist him in the management of any mechanical foot ailment that may be deemed unsuitable for surgery. Initially the management of this condition may be treated with injection, medication or an over the counter orthotic device. In more complex biomechanical foot and lower limb conditions a referral with your agreement would be made to the nearest Podiatric Biomechanics clinic for an in depth analysis of your foot or lower limb ailment.

b. This may be performed using gait analysis, and if required, prescriptive shoe inserts or Orthotics will be produced from a plaster cast impression or 3D scanning of your feet, a laboratory will then manufacture your bespoke devices.

c. Orthotics will realign your feet and ankles helping to correct and control body posture in order to reduce your symptoms. Orthotics are designed to help and give relief to the following common complaints:

d. Plastercast

      • Heel pain e.g. plantar fasciitis
      • Achilles pain
      • Flat feet
      • Knee pain
      • Low back pain
      • Sports injuries
      • Dance injuries
      • instability problems
      • Running injuries